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I don't think I've ever been this busy.

I don't like this watch.

School begins at 8:10 a.m.

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Are you sure you're supposed to be here?


I saw Niels's father.

We have no business relations with the firm.

Mott always comes home for dinner.


Can we get some privacy here?

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He probably meant that people go to demonstrations just to show up instead of actually protesting.

She gave me a hard kick on my right leg.

I just wasted three hours trying to get this thing fixed.


He was sitting on a bench with his friend.


Maria asked me to help her in math.


This sushi restaurant has a conveyor belt that carries sushi.

Has Marnix quit smoking?

Siegurd has written a very thorough report.


He put the luggage down.

Thuan was caught driving a stolen car.

I can't ignore this situation.


Dan became the prime suspect.

The cup was empty.

How was the concert?

Why does the US government let people have guns?

I guess I could get a job there.


She killed an hour looking around the stores.

I recognized Jerald right away.

I think Louiqa used to play golf.


Catherine does have a certain charm, doesn't he?

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He is always pressed for money.

The eagle is king of birds.

Be cheerful! Add an exclamation mark to all of your sentences!

"I'm not accustomed to working day and night." "You'll soon get used to it."

This jacket is too big for me.

I'm very sad to hear that.

They met on a fishing trip.

All humans on Earth are descended from a common ancestor.

I try to sleep well.


The Union army shelled the city.

Wendi told you the wrong price.

They had a problem.


Yesterday I met two Americans who're bicycling through Japan.

Antonella wants to study in Boston.

When you catch me off guard, it really puts me on the spot.


I've contacted him.

For sale.

May I talk to them?


I've already explained it to Audrey once.

I gave my old clothes for the flea market sale.

I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

Maybe we were too optimistic.

That's not how it happened.


We're killing in the polls, we're killing in every state and if I become president - I promise you this - we will kill everybody.

If Lloyd goes, I won't go.

Sharon struggled to raise Steve as a single mother.

Get hold of the rail just in case.

A correspondent must soon adjust himself to life abroad.

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I want to do this later.

You won't forget them.

My cat purrs with pleasure when I pet it.

your eyes are beautiful

Can you smell anything?

Janos knew everyone.

Should you really be doing that?

Almost all girls are kind.

The leaves of the tree turned yellow.

He wasn't so stupid that he talked about that in her presence.

I confessed.

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She has no glasses.

I know you have something you want to say.

I'll do this tomorrow.


He intends to bring out a new monthly magazine.

I wanted to remember.

How do I get to Gate 33?


How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

It will be over soon.

Darren handed Tammy a glass of champagne.


I think it's time for me to contact him by phone.


The windows of my bedroom face the courtyard.

Ask her her name.

Everybody thinks Barrio is a bit crazy.

Things are changing quickly.

He had much to do with the project.

I completely agree with Knapper.

She asked me to read 5 poems.

When Achilles would draw his sword to slay Agamemnon, Athena, invisible to all else, holds him back by a lock of hair. Here Homer shows us the gods as the psychology of ancient Greece.

Clifford was always happy.

People often said this to my mother.

I'm happy with what Jakob did.

I think I'm going to cry.

Mayo isn't as innocent as he seems.


I've still got work to do.

Yesterday we painted the town red.

Do both sentences really say the same thing?

The boy playing the guitar is Dorian.

Despite his being so tall, women find him quite attractive.


Despite their bulk and weight, hippos can swim rapidly.


Can you believe Bernard is still only thirteen?

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Claude took a book out of his knapsack and started reading.

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I go monthly to the hairdresser.

You people are amazing.

I'm surprised you came at all.


The food industry in China is so downright criminal, that city slickers become part-time farmers.

The waiter went to get another glass.

I'm sorry I was so hard on you before.

I will teach you to play chess.

She gave herself to flames of love.

Well, I clean the rooms.

Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?

I hate and I love. Why would I do this, maybe you're asking? I don't know, but I feel it happening and am tortured.

I want to sing the song.

Can we get copies of this?

The origin of the universe will probably never be explained.

Leon got into his car, closed the door and drove away.

This is my sister.

She came into the room with her hat on.

Saule, give the drum.

There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

He argued away her concern.


A good citizen obeys the laws.

Perhaps I'll make some candy today.

The teacher explained his theory using pictures.


His face lighted up with joy.

You say you spoke against those who wished to destroy us.

I knew your father very well.

Would you mind if I took the pink one?

Why do you want to hurt her?


William loved school.

They'll be very happy together.

He knows how to pilot a plane.

I need to understand your reasons.

You have to help.


I had no idea that you were having problems with Tovah.

You look different than your picture.

Carisa was hypnotized by the voice.


Isn't that excessive?

I was thinking maybe I should study French.

I cannot tell this to my father.

That plane will take off at five.

You've bought more stamps than necessary.


There is nothing new under the moon.

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Diane is shorter than his brother.

I didn't know Jeffery could play the cello.

I'm almost done. Just give me a minute.

The thief vanished.

We're going to find out how to do that.


Will you type this, please?

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Many of the victims either burnt to death or suffocated.


I wish I knew as much as you think I know.

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She's lost a lot of weight since she went on a diet.


Why don't you go to a bank?

Kent probably knew who I was.

He was involved in a scandal.


She composed herself before speaking.

You're not a god.

We're just passing through.

The boy was anxious for a bicycle.

Ning was arrested last Monday.